we believe in what we decided


We only carry what we decided that it is good,

not what we believe it is good.

It starts with sourcing good material,

make stereoscopic patterns, weave, sew, and dye.


Paying attention to every details

and not compromising with any details is FACTORY’s style of manufacturing.


Design : from Paris

pattern and modeling

Unique form of cubic and flat combined

that creates the comfort special to the material.


While feeling the trend,

pursue FACTORY’s own silhouette and details.


Traditional techniques: from Belgium


Belgian linen has been produced thanks to blessings of nature and traditional technique.

Crude material is harvested only once in several years then left on the ground to be refined naturally.

Using traditional tools and technique, the natural material is beaten to uniformed fiber and then into thread.

Glossy fiber is like horse tail.
It is then immersed in water to be twisted.
Natural pectin will reattach, giving unique elasticity and body, and the fiber is made into premium linen.


Material : from Mongolia.

raw wool

Quality of wild wool that lived through arctic weather stays in the clothes we make.

Cashmere, yak and camel…

Each Mongolian wool has distinct textures that come from harsh environment and natural blessings and we examine it by our own eyes and hands to purchase every season.



Spinning our own thread.

After fifteen years of planning,
we built our own spinning factory in Mongolia in December 2016.


・Fiber refining process that is carefully selected for high quality

・Spinning process that does not impair quality of natural animal hair


Our new effort in producing premium thread from finest material.


Manufacturing : Japan.


Cutting the cloth - cutting carefully along the grain of the cloth.

What many manufacturers miss  especially is cutting along the grain.

Generally, in mass production cloths are layered using stretching machine.

However, that causes misalignment.

This can be avoided by cutting cloths one by one, then layering one by one.

Depending on the type of cloth, we do not cut weft wise or against the grain.

By cutting along the grain, we express material’s natural drapes.



The original clothes production of FACTORY values the solid tailoring and finishing image that fit the person who wears it.

Constructing two dimensional cloth into three dimensions.

When attaching sleeves and make it three dimensional, we mold and ease each piece to tailor in gracious way.




At FACTORY, dyeing our products is a one shot game.

Dyeing natural material is like having a conversation with the material.

Temperature can swell the thread and it will absorb more dye.

Higher temperature makes the thread tighten and set the color in place.

Color will be different depending on various conditions.

We communicate with materials every day to make better colors. 


made by hand 

To make clothes, we ask ourselves in every process.

Ask ourselves what to do to make it nicer and more beautiful.

Because we wanted to pursue clothes production that we are fully satisfied with, we decided to make everything on our own starting from making our own thread and dying it.