Design : From Paris

Pattern and modeling

Unique form of cubic and flat combinez
that creates the comfort special to the material.
While feeling the trend, pursue FACTORY’s
own silhouette and details.



Manufacturing : Japan

Made by hand

To make clothes, we ask ourselves in every process.
Ask ourselves what to do to make it
nicer and more beautiful.
Because we wanted to pursue clothes production
that we are fully satisfied with, we decided to
make everything on our own starting
from making our own thread and dying it.

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Dyeing natural material is like having
a conversation with the material.
Temperature can swell the thread
and it will absorb more dye.
Higher temperature makes the thread tighten
and set the color in place. 
Color will be different depending on
various conditions.
We communicate with materials
every day to make better colors.



Cutting the cloth

- cutting carefully along the grain of the cloth.

This can be avoided by cutting cloths one by one,
then layering one by one.
Depending on the type of cloth,
we do not cut weft wise or against the grain.
By cutting along the grain,
we express material’s natural drapes.



The original clothes production of FACTORY
values the solid tailoring and finishing image
that fit the person who wears it.
Constructing two dimensional cloth
into three dimensions.
we mold and ease each piece
to tailor in gracious way.


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