visit Mongolia


With only a slight clue, we made deep inroads into the field.Feeling the


local life and touching the raw materials. The story goes back to fifteen years ago.


We found ourselves in Mongolia searching for the best winter clothes


materials, thinking good wool should be found in a cold place.


What we found was brown ground with running rocky mountains and


blue sky, not the endless grass field like we imagined.


Looking for nomad we traversed several mountains and valleys, and finally


found an isolated bao in the grass field. There we found the nomad life.


Band of cashmere goats, quiet but bold yaks, tall camels that look down at


us and guard dogs that protect them. Endless sky and dry field where it


does not rain much all year round.In the harsh cold winter that falls below


minus 40℃,animals’ instincts grow hair that holds moisture and warmth.


Touching the coat of those animals, we got the solid sense of it.


Cashmere becomes uniquely soft with delicate feel yet having wildness and


thick texture.Yak combines bulkiness and elasticity yet has soft and


delicate texture. Camels grow in the dry desert weather with large


difference in temperature of the day and night, so their hair has oily and


thick yet has smooth and willowy texture.


Each kinds of wool are unique, because each characteristic derives from


harsh environment and natural blessings.


Origination of FACTORY Fall/Winter Collection is the bleak field that


nurtures wildness that is located in Bayankhongor Province in central


southern Mongolia, 650 km away from the capital city Ulaanbaatar.