Mongolia / Belgium / Peru / South Africa
RAW WOOL : From Mongolia 

Quality of wild wool that lived through arctic
weather stays in the clothes we make.
Cashmere, yak and camel…
Each Mongolian wool has distinct textures
that come from harsh environment and natural
blessings and we examine it by our own eyes,
hands to purchase every season.

MOVIE - Nomad in Mongol


LINEN : From Belgium

Belgian linen has been produced thanks to
blessings of nature and traditional technique.
Crude material is harvested only once
in several years then left on the ground to
be refined naturally. Using traditional tools and
technique, the natural material is beaten to
uniformed fiberand then into thread.
Glossy fiber is like horse tail.
It is then immersed in water to be twisted.
Natural pectin will reattach, giving unique elasticity
and body, the fiber is made into premium linen.


SPINNING : In Mongolia


Spinning our own thread.
After fifteen years of planning,
we built our own spinning factory in Mongolia
in December 2016.

・Fiber refining process that is carefully selected

   for high quality

・Spinning process that does not impair quality of

   natural animal hair

Our new effort in producing premium thread
from finest material.



Other project of FACTORY.